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SeaBird Canal Shipping Agencies Co. is considered to be one of the two most inveterate shipping companies in Egypt. It renders lots of shipping services to the international commercial fleet since 1965 as a public sector company up to 1998. Thenceforward it acts as a free market and open competitive shipping company amongst more than hundred ones in Egypt.

Shipping agent at Suez Canal ports, Gulf of Suez, A.R.E. Red Sea ports , Gulf of Aqaba & Arish port.
Handling import, export, transit & transshipment cargoes.
Canvasing and booking for cargoes.
Warehousing activities as we own 7 ( seven ) large workable stores.
Clearing & forwarding agents , as well as lift-van packers.
Reception , repatriation of vessels crew on signing on-off & clearance of air freighted parcels.
Travel and tourist agent as we are IATA member.

Shipping agent at Suez Canal ports, Gulf of Suez, A.R.E. Red Sea ports , Gulf of Aqaba & Arish port.
Handling import, export, transit & transshipment cargoes.
Canvasing and booking for cargoes.
Warehousing activities as we own 7 ( seven ) large workable stores.
Clearing & forwarding agents , as well as lift-van packers.
Reception , repatriation of vessels’ crew on signing on-off & clearance of air freighted parcels.
Travel and tourist agent as we are IATA member.

Every ship is destined to use the Suez Canal waterway more often than any other port in the world and the expenses for ship's passage are sizeable. For these two basic reasons, Owners and Charterers are keen to establish a permanent relationship with a competent and reliable ship agent. Seabird Marine Services offers Full Ship Agency Services at every port in Egypt and also for ships transiting the Suez Canal. In Port Said Seabird Marine Services undertakes fully the role of 'coordinating the service'. Seabird Marine Services Egypt in Port Said, Suez and Alexandria, with advanced communication facilities and experienced staff, is the licensed ship agent providing the actual Ship Agency Service to the ship.
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Seabird  Shipping Agency is acting as one of the largest private shipping agencies in Egypt for various ship owners worldwide. Seabird  provides a wide range of services covering all aspects of vessel operations from inward and outward clearance to stevedoring, from container vessels to bulk carriers.

A wide variety of cargo have been successfully handled by our staff, including heavy lift containers, general cargo, grain, and citrus fruits. While in most cases we are acting on behalf of owners or shipping lines, our agency services are also at the disposal of the charters of vessels.

Among other services, we routinely negotiate reduction of Suez Canal tolls and obtain the lowest possible D/A from the Suez canal authorities.
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Liner Services

SeaBird Shipping Services has a long history of providing agency services to leading container lines and this remains a core business of SeaBird today across the SeaBird network.
Over the years SeaBird has refined its services to become more than just a provider of local sales, container control and documentation services, to become an integral part of the efficient operational and commercial success of every voyage.
From an operational perspective our team of local operational and financial experts will ensure that the costs are reduced and vessel turn-around is as fast as possible, with our staff constantly striving to raise the bar.
Our customised Liner agency software application allows for the efficient and accurate handling of agency functions, and our strong focus on HSSE and Quality ensure we match and exceed our principal’s expectations in this increasingly important aspect of doing business in the 21st Century.
From a commercial perspective our local sales management will work with our principal to establish a local sales plan to fit with the overall sales objectives of the line and the agreed service proposition for the local market. We will prepare and execute a detailed shipping plan drawing on our existing relationships in the market, captive business from other SeaBird divisions, and the underlying market dynamics of the country in question.
Whether you are looking for an agent in Middle East or South America, Africa or USA, SeaBird has the experience, the infrastructure and the expertise to add real value to your business.

Cargo Services

Operating from major ports and airports worldwide, the SeaBird Ocean and Airfreight service offers value for money, maximum flexibility and consistency of service.
Services provided include:
International Freight Forwarding
Air & Sea Cargo
Warehousing & Distribution
Packing & Removals
We at SeaBird are constantly striving to improve on how we do business and how we communicate with our customers in order to provide our local and international customers with services that far surpass those of our competitors.

Offshore Support Agency

Different sectors of the Offshore Marine contracting industry operate specialised vessels working on specialised projects and have specialised Port agency and logistics requirements. SeaBird Shipping Services has recognised the need to provide tailor made logistics solutions to meet the extremely demanding principals we work with in this sector.
Whether working for offshore construction contractors, dredging companies, survey companies, pipe laying or cable-laying contractors, SeaBird has the experience and the expertise to deliver a high quality of logistics service across the world.
In the Oil & Gas sector we are working both directly with the Oil majors and with the contractors and subcontractors working for the Oil majors. From documentation and logistics support for a FPSO, logistics support on rig movements, or agency and logistics support for AHTs and PSVs, SeaBird can deliver a quality logistics service.
SeaBird recognizes the fundamental importance of local ‘nuts and bolts’ service delivery, yet at the same time supply chain software applications and a global focus on HSSE and Quality allows SeaBird to warranty the same high level service in all its locations worldwide.
Whether it is temporary importation documentation, vessel agency and husbandry requirements, crew and spares movement, life support activities for project personnel, or provision of launches and landside logistics requirements, SeaBird has the experience and professional services to be the partner of choice.
For more information on SeaBird Offshore Agency Support, locations and past experience please fill in the following form and we will get in touch with you or alternatively email

Surveyors & Adjusters

The principal activity of the Surveyors and Loss Adjusters division of SeaBird Shipping Services (SeaBird) is the inspection of goods and ships in connection with matters which concern insurance.
The foundation of our existence has always been and will always be based on a strong commitment to factual and expert reporting through the unique skills and capabilities of our staff surveyors and claims executives.
Our history goes back to the early part of the 19th century and today our offices are located in the main ports of the Middle East and East Africa. Our network of local offices gives us the advantage of being able to cover well over 20 ports and airports through which a multitude of goods are imported and exported.
Our teams of qualified and experienced marine surveyors, cargo surveyors and claims processing staff have built long-lasting relationships with both local and international clients by providing professional and successful solutions to the most complex insurance cases together with a service of the highest calibre.
In summary, the SeaBird Division of Surveyors and Adjusters provides a first class service and product which enhances our Principals’ work through solving problems and adding value to their operations.


SeaBird Shipping Services has had a presence in Belgium for more than 150 years and is today one of the leading providers of maritime services. Container Depots are one of SeaBird’ growing activities and new product lines are continuously developed in order to offer premium service.

Handling and storage of dry and reefer containers
(including barge and rail handling)
Inspection, repairs and preparation of dry containers
Inspection, repairs and preparation of reefer containers
Purchase & Sales of second hand and new containers
Lashing & Securing

Humanitarian Logistics Services

SeaBird Shipping Services global network provides for a strong infrastructure in countries involved in both the sending and receiving of Humanitarian services. Over the past twenty years SeaBird has developed an increasing specialisation in the handling of humanitarian goods for a number of the leading global NGOs active in these locations.
SeaBird can provide a full menu of services from provision of agency support to full charter vessels, breakbulk or containerized freight forwarding, air charters, Customs clearance and inland delivery of cargo to inland locations, and the provision of camp management and life support services.
SeaBird Shipping Services recognizes that the real test of a Humanitarian Logistics organization occurs after a sudden emergency incident. SeaBird has developed an emergency response plan that maximizes the speed we can mobilize services after such an event, and which focuses on maintaining the quality of service as the emergency response goes through its different phases.
For further information on the services, locations and past experience of SeaBird in Humanitarian Logistics please fill in the following form and we will get in touch with you or alternatively email

Port Services

At the heart of our business lies Port Agency. All SeaBird port offices render the full range of agency and support services to many of the world’s leading ship-owners, operators and charterers.
Our clients include cruise lines and container lines, bulker and tanker operators, owners and charterers, the world’s navies, heavy-lift and project cargo contractors, and other specialist and niche operators.

Check out the Seaport News section on new Egyptians seaport laws
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SeaBird Shipping Company acts as ship agent for any vessels calling at ports of Alexandria, El-Dekheila and Abu Qir and Damietta Ports.

Until establishing branches in the other ports, the company ensures sub-agency in Suez, Adabiyah, Sokhna, Port Said, Ports and Suez Canal Transit, offering one of the region's most comprehensive and interesting agency packages.

SeaBird Shipping Company operates a round-the-clock service that meets the highest international standards.

A dedicated team of employees represents clients, ship owners, vessels, masters and crew, taking care of any requirement they may have.

The same team works closely with local port authorities, stevedores, shippers, charterers and all concerned parties to ensure a smooth operation throughout.

The agency's comprehensive service offer is based on an understanding of the needs of all our clients, whether they be ship owners, shippers or charterers. SeaBird Shipping Company also offers storage for any commodity and land transportation to any destination in Egypt.

SeaBird Shipping Company holds an Unlimited Agency Licence for all the Egyptian Ports also the company is a member in the Egyptian International Freight Forwarders Association (EIFFA) and International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA)

Seabird Shipping Company is now preparing to achieve the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2000

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Ship Agency Services in Suez Canal and Egyptian Ports

Seabird is a world class organisation offering Ship Management, Shipping Agency and other marine and non marine services to world wide clients and customers providing specialist and professional service with complete peace of mind. Our experienced team of professional managers are dedicated to meeting the diverse requirements of our clients. We are committed to maintain the highest standard of integrity by providing prompt professional services supported by latest information technology round the clock.

Seabird Shipping Egypt operating out of its offices at Alexandria, Port Said and Suez is your one stop solution for vessel's call at any Egyptian port and for Suez Canal transit. You will immediately notice precise control and quality service at your disposal ensuring safe and trouble free handling of your vessels. Our objective is to provide you the best possible standard at lowest economical cost.

Seabird Shipping London based at centre of commercial hub London controls and manages ships owned by associate group of companies and offer full technical and commercial management solutions tailor made for individual client's requirements. The company operates in full compliance to international safety management (ISM) code.

Seabird Group has world wide office network at strategic locations including offices at United Kingdom, Egypt, Greece, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan and in Singapore and this means our clients and principals always feel at home with flexibility to deal with any of our branch offices.


SeaBird Shipping Services is an Egyptian company located in Alexandria

working in the field of shipping and offers many services in the maritime

business for its clients. Please contact us for more details.

Many years have passed since the establishment of SeaBird Shipping Services Company. During these years SeaBird has become one of the prominent companies in the sea shipping field in Egypt. Our office is located in the heart of Alexandria metropolitan area in a strategic location where the Alexandria port is a few steps away and most of the businesses are nearby.

We offer many services to our customers in the shipping field but the most important thing is the degree of profession ability with which we deliver our service. 

Our team consist of professionals in the maritime business with many 

years of experience that they are willing to give you to increase your profits when you trust us with your shipment.

Either export or import our company will do its best to ensure safe delivery at low prices and above all, on time. Our current customers will testify for our good reputation which is indeed our capital

In the light of more than twenty-five years spent in maritime field working with shipowners enabled us to present our jobs in high performance making our partners so much satisfied.

In addition we are enjoying top contacts near major ship-owners, cargo owners, forwarders and brokers world wide achieving the interests of all concerned parties.


Our main activities:

- Ship agency

- Charterers and ship brokerage

- Stevedoring at Egyptian ports

- Land transportation

- Custom clearance

- Transit cargoes

- Logistics Services

- Forwarding

- Marine & Cargo Surveyors and Container Inspector’s

- All Kind of Marine Supplies

- Clearing and Forwarding Parcels

- Inspection and Cleaning for Vessel’s Draft

- Inspection and Supplying Safety Equipment’s

- Marine Services


Seabird is a world class shipping organization dedicated to serving shipping, marine and non marine sectors through a well connected network. Our mSeaBirdion is to provide unparallel professional services to our customer's entire satisfaction and for our customers to see us as their trusted partners in business.

is committed to:

Comply with all national and international regulatory and statutory requirements in respect of quality, safety and environmental protection and operate under a fully documented safety management system in compliance with international safety management (ISM) code.

Seabird group managers and staff believe that safe secure and environmentally sustainable work is essential for well being of our company employees and their families and our customers.

Continuously work to improve company quality and safety management system to ensure effectiveness and compliance.
Implement quality control at all levels within organization.
Monitor, review and audit company quality objectives at planned intervals during internal and external audits.
suez canal transit guide Take timely corrective actions to rectify any non compliances.

Canal General Information

  • Overall length: 192 km
  • From Port Said to Ismailia: 78 km
  • From Ismailia to Port Tawfik: 84 km
  • From the Fairway Buoy to Port Said Light house: 22.5km
  • Breadth at water level 300 m
  • Width Between buoys 180 m
  • Maximum permSeaBirdible draught of ships 53 ft
  • Depth of the Canal 19.5/20 m
  • Cross Sectional area: 4000/4500 m2
  • Pilotage is compulsory for all vessels over 300 tons
  • Speed Limits: 11km/h -16km/h depending on Vessel type and tonnage of the vessel
  • Average transit time is 14 hours

Suez Canal Convoys

Navigation in the Suez Canal is around the clock, Ships transit the Canal in Convoys
There are three convoys daily:

A) Southbound Convoys (from Port Said to Suez)
There are two SB Convoys N1 and N2

1. First Convoy N1
Timing: Commences 0100 hrs up to 0500 hrs
Limit time: Limit time of arrival at anchorage is 1900 hrs
Surcharge: Vessels arrive 1900 hrs till 2100 hrs Can join the Convoy But against a Surcharge of 3 PCT of Canal Dues, While Vessels arrive 2100 hrs till 2200 hrs Can join the convoy Against additional 5 PCT of Canal Transit Dues.
Transit Time: 14 -16 hours transit time, Vessels Anchor at Bitter Lake.
Type of Vessels Included:
  • 3rd and 4th Generation Container Vessels
  • VLCC in ballast
  • Vessels with a draft over 42 ft
  • LPG, LNG Loaded or not Gas Free
  • Vessels in Port Said Harbor
  • Vessels with over 35000 SCGT.
  • Loaded Tankers
  • Navy Ships
  • Bulk Carriers Carrying Petroleum
  • 2. Second Convoy N2
    Timing: Commences 0700 hrs up to 0900 hrs
    Limit time: Limit time of arrival at anchorage is 0300 hrs
    Surcharge: Vessels arrive 0300 hrs till 0400 hrs Can join the Convoy But against a Surcharge of 3 PCT of Canal Transit Dues While Vessels arriving 0400 hrs till 0500 hrs can join the Convoy against a Surcharge of 5 PCT of Canal Dues.
    Transit Time:

    14 – 16 hours. , Vessels make fast in Ballah Branch.

    Vessels which are Not Allowed to Join N2 for Safety Reasons:

    • Vessels in ballast over 90000 SCGRT
    • Navy Ships
    • Loaded Vessels Carrying Petroleum grade A and similar Products with F/P below 23C
    • Vessels with Beam over 145 ft
    • Vessels with Draft over 42 ft
    • LPG, LNG Vessels loaded or not gas free
    • Vessels Carrying Uncontainerised Radio Active materials
    • Vessels Carrying Explosives
    • Non-Double Fitted Bottom Vessels Carrying Chemicals in Bulk.

    B) Northbound Convoy (from Suez to Port Said)
    Only one Northbound Convoy Consists of Two Groups.


    Commences at 0600 hrs up

    transit time: 12 - 14 hours, Vessels make free run from Port Said to Suez.
    Group A
    Limit time: Limit time of arrival at anchorage is 0100 hrs
    Surcharge: Vessels arrive 0100 hrs till 0300 hrs Can join this group But against a Surcharge of 3 PCT of Canal Transit Dues While Vessels arriving 0300 hrs till 0330 hrs can join the Convoy against a Surcharge of 5 PCT of Canal Dues.

    Types of Vessels in Group A:

    • 3rd and 4th Generations Container Vessels
    • Loaded VLCCs
    • LPG, LNG Loaded or ballasted not gas free
    • Conventional Tankers
    • Lash Vessels over 35000 SCGRT
    • Heavy Bulk Carriers
    • RoRo Ships and other Vessels over 40000 SCGRT
    • Loaded Chemical Tankers
    • Navy Ships
    • Vessels with Draft over 38 ft or length over 950 ft Bp

    Group B
    Limit time: Limit time of arrival at anchorage is 0300 hrs
    Surcharge: Vessels arrive 0300 hrs till 0400 hrs Can join this group But against a Surcharge of 3 PCT of Canal Transit Dues While Vessels arriving 0400 hrs till 0500 hrs can join the Convoy against a Surcharge of 5 PCT of Canal Dues.

    Types of Vessels in Group B:

    • All Cargo and other Vessels.

    Suez Canal Required Documents

    Vessels transiting for the First Time
    • 3 copies of Suez Canal Tonnage Certificate
    • 3 copies of General Arrangement plan
    • 3 copies of Capacity plan
    • 3 copies of Engine room plan
    • 3 copies of Registered Tonnage Certificate
    All Vessels Arriving in ballast Should present
    • Suez Canal Special Tonnage Certificate
    • Cargo Manifests
    • Crew List
    • Certificate of registry.
    • General Arrangement Plan
    • Engine room Plan
    • Capacity plan
    • Dangerous Goods Declaration
    • In Ballast Declaration
    • Classification Certificate
    • Normal Certificates as Radio, etc.
    In addition Tankers Should Present:
    • A Copy of Capacity Plan
    • Declaration concerning double bottom tanks and the lower parts of the high tanks.
    • Piping plan and general arrangement plan for LPG/LNG vessels

    In addition Master will fill other Formal Documents to be presented by Agents and Authorities.

    Arrival Notice

    Suez Canal Authority Requires Five Days Arrival Notice of Vessel’s ETA for Transit.
    Vessel should advise following details (through its Canal Transit Agent) to Suez Canal Authority:

    • ETA, Name, Nationality, Call Sign, any Ex Name
    • Suez Canal GRT
    • Suez Canal NRT
    • Date of last Transit
    • DWT
    • Draft
    • Suez Canal ID
    • Beam, LOA
    • Type of Cargo or if in Ballast Gas Free or not
    • Dangerous Goods Details
    • Last Port and Next Port
    • No of Tiers on Deck for Container Carriers
    • Any Special Requirements as Crew change, Cash, repairs, etc.


    • VHF – Working Frequency Range of (156-174 MHz)
    • VHF channels: 6, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14,15, 16, 71, 73, 74
    • Radio telex frequencies from Open Sea to contact Suez Canal Authority: 20000
    • Transmits: 4250
    • Receives: 6310/4205
    • Mode: FIB
    • Watch hours: 24 hrs
    • Radio telex frequencies to contact Suez Canal Authority while transiting: 20001
    • Transmits: 1612
    • Receives: 2147
    • Mode FIB
    • Watch hours: 24 hrs

    Signal Hoists

    On arrival Port Said or Suez, Vessel is required to show the following flags:

    • Pilot Signal
    • Call Letters
    • Quarantine Flag
    • Immigration Signal, Flags, or one red light above two white lights by night
    • Dangerous Goods Signal

    Some Important Rules

    Mooring Boats:
    Vessels Transiting the Canal must have Mooring Boats hired from Mooring Company and Approved by the Suez Canal Authority.
    • This mooring boats must be ready for use without any delay during the transit of the vessel, In case of non availability of mooring, Ship’s boats could be used, Each boat is to be manned by three men.
    • Ships may ask for additional motorboats or mooring boats according to master's request.
      Ships must be fitted with lifting appliances capable for lifting mooring boats of 4 tons weight.
    Projectors (Searchlights):
    • Projector are compulsory transit and normally hired from the local company, LPG & LNG tankers should be equipped with own projectors conform to the Suez Canal Authority's rule of Navigation, and that said projector should be gaslight.
    • It is also recommended by the S.C.A. that all vessels having a bulbous also have their own projector fitted on board.
    The S.C.A.'s regulations state that, it is compulsory to have a pilot onboard for transit for any movement, Failure to comply with this regulation will face heavy fines
    Escort Tugs
    Vessels facing Accident, groundings, steering, problems, engine troubles etc., whilst transit may use an Escort Tug, imposed by Suez Canal Authority.
    Vessels unable to maintain the minimum transiting speed will be placed at the end of the convoy and/or may use an Escort Tug, as well as extra tools or even mSeaBird the convoy.

    Port Said

    We are a shipping agency settled in Port Said (Head Office), as shipping agents we carry out the activities of ship's agents, forwarders, and loading/unloading agents, Enriched with personal and professional experiences of more than twenty nine years in The shipping sector. Our company has been acting as subagents in all ports in Egypt.

    Our wide experience enables us to provide a reliable and professional service in shipping for any type of vessel and port operations. Needless to say we are also qualified agents for regular shipping lines. We are full agent and representative ship owner's for transit Suez canal.

    We will make every effort to offer you the best possible services and collaboration through our head office with all the attention that your business requires.

    We hope mutual cooperation by way of brokerage or commSeaBirdion that of which return by the benefits between our company in Turkey and in Egypt. We offer the facilities toward grow the business.

    Port Description

    The Port Said port lies to the northern entrance of the Suez Canal. It is considered one of the most important Egyptian ports due to its distinctive location on the entrance of the most significant waterway in the world (The Suez Canal) and in the middle of the biggest merchant shipping line between Europe and the east. It is moreover the biggest transit port in the world.

    latitude : 31 16' N Longitude : 32 19' E
    VHF : 73, 12, 13, 16

    The Approach Area :
    Waterways : 459 feet wide and 12.5 to 13 meters deep.
    Water breaks : The Suez Canal entrance leading to the port is protected by two water breaks. The eastern water break is approximately 3.5 miles long while the Western is approximately 1.5 miles long.

    Petroleum Services is one of the world's leading decision and transaction support groups in upstream oil & SeaBird can provide the following services :

    1. In / Out Port calls for vessels & supply Boats working in oil field at Egyptian Ports :

    - We are an official agent, handling In / Out Port calls at all Egyptian ports ( Port Said, Suez ,
    Damietta , Alexandria ) for vessels & supply boats serving drilling rigs at Red Sea &
    Mediterranean Sea .
    - Arranging with local authorities for a smooth movements ( In / Out ) port, by completing
    formalities & Clearances for port call.
    - Settle all fees required to be paid to governmental authorities such as ( port dues, quarantine,
    custom tamkien, pilotage , berthing dues, mooring & Unmooring ) as well as any other port
    authorities fee including the payment of any deposit require .
    - Arrange of the reception of any marine unit on arrival Egyptian territorial water and coordinate
    with all authorities (immigration, coast guard, quarantine, port authority) for immediate clearance
    at working area without any delay.

    2. Custom Clearance (Importation / Re-exportation) for Drilling Rigs, Supply Boats & Marine
    units working at the Territorial water.
    - Through our offices, we arrange & coordinate with the custom Authority for all the formalities require for importation or and re-exportation under any clearing status ( exemption- temporary exemption - duty paid - free zone - Transit ) .

    - We arrange for immediate custom importation for the marine units up on arrival at working location by handling the
    A. Prepare all necessary documents to open custom certificate such as (packing list, pro-forma invoice and custom
    B. Prepare custom committee for boarding the unit for inspection at location up on arrival.
    C. Arrange for safe transportation ( helicopter - boat - etc… ) to / from the marine units for custom group.
    D. Complete all clearance formalities in a short time to secure legal working of marine units in Egypt.
    E. Follow the custom file during the project and arrange for renewal before the date of expire in order to avoid any custom . fine.
    F. For re-exportation the same steps taken to avoid any delay for sailing from location to the next employment.
    G. Arrange for closing custom file immediately after completion of re-exportation formalities.
    H. Final settlement for custom certificates

    3. Prepare and SeaBirdue Military & Security Permits .
    SeaBird arranges for military and security approvals necessary for any marine unit ( drilling rigs -
    supply boats - diving boats -research vessel - cable or coring vessels - etc…) and crews to
    work in Egyptian territorial waters.

    Potential prior approvals would be coordinated through:
    o Armed forces (operation sectors) , intelligence ,security ,naval bases, air forces, coast guard.
    o National security .
    o Environment authority .
    o Group 26 .
    o Ministry of Maritime Transport .
    o Port & Light .

    And SeaBirdue the following permits:
    o Navigation warning
    o Coast Guard permit
    o Group 26 permits for crew and Staff
    o Telecommunication license for communication equipment ( V.H.F - H.F Radar- etc…) on board the marine units .
    o Permits for Inmarsat, working via satellite stations.

    4.Staff & crew arrangements
    - SeaBirdue the necessary permit from the Ministry of Maritime Transport for working in the
    Egyptian Territorial waters.
    - SeaBirdue necessary port passes.
    - SeaBirdue work permit & residences for foreigners to work in Egypt.
    - Arrange assistance at airports for (staff, crew) & SeaBirdue entry visa.
    - Assist crew changes for the marine units by arranging formalities with Immigration & Security.

    - Arrange the dispatching of crew by helicopter from/to drilling rigs at local airports in
    Egypt ( El Gameel Airport - El Nozha Airport - etc…)

    As of 15th December 2004 The Suez Canal Authorities (SCA) has increased the tariffs for escort tugs from SDR 6.600 to SDR 8.000.

    SCA Circular 03/2004
    The Suez Canal Authority has decided to amend some items of article one of circular no. 10/94 as follows:

    1. Amending item 10 of First (fees) to read as follows:
    the rental value of escorting tugs shall be a unified rate of SDR 8000

    SCA Circular No. 8/1996
    The Suez Canal Authority has decided to modify Art. 58 Rules of Navigation as stated hereunder:

    Escorting the ships transiting the Suez Canal is effectuated according to the Suez Canal net tonnage and not the summer dead weight.

    The Article will read as follows:

    Art 58 - Escorting:
    The escort of VLCC’s , ULCC’s, LNG’S, LPG’s, large Bulk Carriers and other vessels (1) will be as follows:
    Loaded vessels less than 70,000 Suez Canal net tonnage will be escorted by one tug if for technical reasons SCA find it necessary or when the vessels draught is more than 47 feet.
    Loaded vessels from 70,000 Suez Canal net tonnage to 90,000 tons will be escorted by one tug.
    Loaded vessels over 90,000 Suez Canal net tonnage will be escorted by two tugs.
    Vessels in ballast over 130,000 Suez Canal net tonnage will be escorted by one tug.
    LPG and LNG over 25,000 Suez Canal net tonnage (except GF) (1) will be escorted by one tug (2).
    Vessels in ballast with beam over 218 ft up to 233 ft will be escorting by one tug.
    Vessels in ballast with beam over 233 ft will be escorted by two tugs.
    Towed scrapped vessels in ballast 80,000 Suez Canal net tonnage and over will be escorted by one tug.

    The Suez Canal net tonnage is assessed regardless of sizes that are temporarily added in each transit (such as double bottom tanks or containers on deck etc.)

    This circular takes effect as of 1/1/1997
    Rates of Escorting Tug Boats:
    A Unified Canal Passenger rate of 6600 SDR is to be paid for each escorting tug.
    Art. 57 - Cases of Imposed Tugs :

    Chargeable tugs shall be imposed during Canal transit in the following cases :At the tariff of hire rate see Art. 105, Para. C.

    The CA may require any vessel to take a tug or tugs through the Canal, when in its judgment such action is necessary to ensure safety of the vessel or to the Canal.

    Any vessel without mechanical power, or the machinery of which is/or becomes disabled, or steers badly, or which is liable to become unmanageable for any reason, shall be towed through the Canal.

    Vessels having engine or steering gear trouble for the second time during the same passage.
    Bad view vessels owing to deck cargo, containers, cranes or constructions impeding the view from the wheelhouse and wings.

    a - Vessels unable to use one or both their bow anchor. (Ref. Art: 23)
    b - Vessels over 1000 SC.G.T. built with one anchor.
    c - Vessels over 1000 SC.G.T. built with more than one anchor if only one of them on the bow

    Drilling vessels.

    Vessels with two engines on one propeller of which one is out of order for any reason and can not maintain speed of 10 knots at least without current after sea trial to assure the speed and valid sea worthiness certificate.

    Vessels with two engines on two propellers of which one is out of order On Master's request for one tug or more.

    Transit Guide Forwarding of spares

    For easy clearance at Cairo airport and immediate dispatch of spares to/from vessel, the sender is kindly be requested to dispatch spares as follows:

    Seabird Marine is an Egyptian company Seabirdy employs qualified staff with expertise, experience and excellent connections with the concerned parties to offer the best services to our clients; our efforts are mainly aimed at providing reliable services in the most economical way. We understand our Principals’ needs and we do our best to meet and exceed them.
    In view of increased competition and developments in information technology, it has become the main concern of ship owners, managers, and operators to reduce operational costs without compromising their service standards. That’s where our role begins as agents, not only by charging reasonable fees but also by speeding up operations and minimizing claims as much as possible. We have a certain obligation towards our principals to keep them fully aware of all costs during operations at Egyptian ports or its Suez Canal transit. Everything is defined in advance as per port’s tariff of basic services covering most activities.
    Seabird Marine delivers its promises with day-to-day activities that represent value for the money, quality and continuity It offers services that seamlessly combine its expertise and experience in the shipping, logistics and marine fields.
    Our goal is for our customers to view us as their partner of choice, reflecting quality, continuity, innovation a unique strength of Seabird Marine is its ability to combine its expertise and experience in different business sectors.
    Professional Memberships:
    • ACS
    • FIATA & EIFFA Association.
    • ECC "Egyptian Chamber of Commerce."
    • EGPC "Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation"
    • SeaBirdA "International Ship Suppliers Association"
    • ISO 9001:2000 Certified

    EgyptEgypt Flage

    Time: GMT +2 (GMT +3 during summertime).
    Territorial waters: Limit of 12nm claimed for territorial waters and a limit of 200nm for an exclusive economic zone.
    International dialing code: +20.
    Capital city: Cairo.
    Abu Qir 31° 19.0' N 030° 04.0' E Port Open EGAKI    
    Abu Zenima 29° 02.0' N 033° 06.0' E Port Open EGAZA 10.00  
    Adabiya 29° 52.0' N 032° 28.0' E Port Open EGADA 12.50  
    Ain Sukhna Terminal 29° 32.0' N 032° 24.0' E Port Open EGAIS 31.50  
    Alexandria 31° 11.0' N 029° 52.0' E Port Open EGALY 9.75  
    Ataqa 29° 53.0' N 032° 28.0' E Sub Port EGADA   Adabiya
    Damietta 31° 26.0' N 031° 48.0' E Port Open EGDAM 12.50  
    East Port Said 31° 16.0' N 032° 19.0' E Port Closed      
    East Zeit Terminal 27° 51.0' N 033° 36.0' E Sub Port     Zeit Bay Terminal
    El Alamein 30° 59.0' N 028° 52.0' E Alt Name EGMAH   Mersa el Hamra
    El Dekheila 31° 08.0' N 029° 49.0' E Port Open EGEDK 14.00  
    El Meks 31° 09.0' N 029° 50.0' E Port Open   9.00  
    Geisum Terminal 27° 38.0' N 033° 43.0' E Port Open EGGEI    
    Hamrawein 26° 15.0' N 034° 12.0' E Port Open EGHAM 10.00  
    Hurghada 27° 14.0' N 033° 50.0' E Port Open EGHRG 7.00  
    Kosseir 26° 06.0' N 034° 17.0' E Port Open EGKOS    
    Maadiya Port 31° 16.0' N 030° 09.0' E Port Open      
    Mersa Matruh 31° 22.0' N 027° 14.0' E Port Open      
    Mersa el Hamra 30° 58.0' N 028° 52.0' E Port Open EGMAH 16.76  
    Nuweibah 28° 58.0' N 034° 38.0' E Port Open EGNUW 7.50  
    Port Ibrahim 29° 58.0' N 032° 33.0' E Sub Port EGPIB   Suez
    Port Said 31° 16.0' N 032° 19.0' E Port Open EGPSD 10.67  
    Port Tewfik 29° 58.0' N 032° 33.0' E Sub Port EGPTK   Suez
    Quseir 26° 06.0' N 034° 17.0' E Alt Name EGKOS   Kosseir
    Ras Budran 28° 56.0' N 033° 08.0' E Port Open EG 27.40  
    Ras Gharib 28° 21.0' N 033° 06.0' E Port Open EGRAG 16.80  
    Ras Shukheir 28° 08.0' N 033° 17.0' E Port Open EGRSH 17.07  
    Ras Sudr 29° 35.0' N 032° 41.0' E Port Open      
    Safaga 26° 45.0' N 033° 56.0' E Port Open EGSGA 10.36  
    Sidi Kerir Terminal 31° 06.0' N 029° 37.0' E Port Open EGSKT 22.80  
    Sokhna 29° 32.0' N 032° 24.0' E Port Closed EGSOK    
    Suez 29° 58.0' N 032° 33.0' E Port Open EGSUZ 8.23  
    Suez Canal 30° 35.0' N 032° 17.0' E Port Open   18.80  
    Wadi Feiran 28° 44.0' N 033° 14.0' E Port Open EGWAF 14.30  
    Za'farana Terminal 29° 10.0' N 032° 41.0' E Port Open   16.70  
    Zeit Bay Terminal 27° 50.0' N 033° 36.0' E Port Open EGZEI 23.00  



    Country Information :

      Time Zone : GMT+2 (+3 during summer time)
      Hollidays : Bairam 19-24 Jan
    Sinai Liberation Day-Apr 25
    Labour Day-May 1
    Celebration of the birth of Prophet Mohamed-May 2
    Evacuation Day-Jun 18
    Revolution Day-Jul 23
    Nile loyalty Day -Aug
    Armed Forces Day-Oct 6
    Suez Victory Day-Oct 24
    Feast holiday-Nov 13-16
    Victory Day-Dec 23
      Int. Dial Code : +20
      Currency : Egyptian Pound (100 Piastres)
      Capital : Cairo
      Capital Airport : Cairo International Airport (CAI)
    Economy - overview

    Egypt improved its macroeconomic performance throughout most of the last decade by following IMF advice on fiscal, monetary, and structural reform policies. As a result, Cairo managed to tame inflation, slash budget deficits, and attract more foreign investment. In the past three years, however, the pace of reform has slackened, and excessive spending on national infrastructure projects has widened budget deficits again. Lower foreign exchange earnings since 1998 resulted in pressure on the Egyptian pound and periodic dollar shortages. Monetary pressures have increased since 11 September 2001 because of declines in tourism, Suez canal tolls, and exports, and Cairo has devalued the pound several times in the past year. The development of a gas export market is a major bright spot for future growth prospects.

    GDP: purchasing power parity - $258 billion (2001 est.)
    GDP - real growth rate: 2.5% (2001 est.)
    GDP - per capita: purchasing power parity - $3,700 (2001 est.)
    GDP - composition by sector: agriculture: 14%
    industry: 30%
    services: 56% (2001)
    Population below poverty line: 23% (FY95/96 est.)
    Household income or consumption by percentage share: lowest 10%: 4%
    highest 10%: 25% (1995)
    Distribution of family income - Gini index: 29 (1995)
    Labor force: 20.6 million (2001 est.)
    Labor force - by occupation: agriculture 29%, industry 22%, services 49% (2000 est.)
    Unemployment rate: 12% (2001 est.)
    Budget: revenues: $21.5 billion
    expenditures: $26.2 billion, including capital expenditures of $5.9 billion (2001) Industries: textiles, food processing, tourism, chemicals, hydrocarbons,
    construction, cement, metals
    Industrial production growth rate: 1.8% (2001 est.)
    Electricity - production: 69.592 billion kWh (2000)
    Electricity - production by source: fossil fuel: 77%
    hydro: 23%
    other: 0% (2000)
    nuclear: 0%
    Electricity - consumption: 64.721 billion kWh (2000)
    Electricity - exports: 0 kWh (2000)
    Electricity - imports: 0 kWh (2000)
    Agriculture - products: cotton, rice, corn, wheat, beans, fruits, vegetables; cattle, water buffalo, sheep, goats
    Exports: $7.1 billion f.o.b. (2001 est.)
    Exports - commodities: crude oil and petroleum products, cotton, textiles, metal products, chemicals
    Exports - partners: EU 43% (Italy 18%, Germany 4%, UK 3.2%), US 15%, Middle East 11%, Asian countries 9%, (2000)
    Imports: $164 billion f.o.b. (2001 est.)
    Imports - commodities: machinery and equipment, foodstuffs, chemicals, wood products, fuels
    Imports - partners: EU 36% (Germany 8%, Italy 8%, France 6%), US 18%, Asian countries 13%, , Middle East 6% (2000)
    Debt - external: $29 billion (2001 est.)
    Economic aid - recipient: ODA, $2.25 billion (1999)
    Currency: Egyptian pound (EGP)
    Currency code: EGP
    Exchange rates: Egyptian pounds per US dollar - market rate - 4.5000 (January 2002), 4.4900 (2001), 3.6900 (2000), 3.4050 (1999), 3.3880 (1998), 3.3880 (1997)
    Fiscal year: 1 July - 30 June

    Egypts Background

    The regularity and richness of the annual Nile River flood, coupled with semi-isolation provided by deserts to the east and west, allowed for the development of one of the world's great civilizations. A unified kingdom arose circa 3200 B.C. and a series of dynasties ruled in Egypt for the next three millennia.

    The last native dynasty fell to the Persians in 341 B.C., who in turn were replaced by the Greeks, Romans, and Byzantines. It was the Arabs who introduced Islam and the Arabic language in the 7th century and who ruled for the next six centuries. A local military caste, the Mamluks took control about 1250 and continued to govern after the conquest by Egypt by the Ottoman Turks in 1517.

    Following the completion of the Suez Canal in 1869, Egypt became an important world transportation hub, but also fell heavily into debt. Ostensibly to protect its investments, Britain seized control of Egypt's government in 1882, but nominal allegience to the Ottoman Empire continued until 1914. Partially independent from the UK in 1922, Egypt acquired full sovereignty following World War II. The completion of the Aswan High Dam in 1971 and the resultant Lake Nasser have altered the time-honored place of the Nile river in the agriculture and ecology of Egypt.

    A rapidly growing population (the largest in the Arab world), limited arable land, and dependence on the Nile all continue to overtax resources and stress society. The government has struggled to ready the economy for the new millennium through economic reform and massive investment in communications and physical infrastructure.

    View of the Pyramids from Mena House Hotel, Cairo

    • It Is Easy To Reach The Top
      But It Is Extremely Difficult To Continue on The Top Top Top....
      Our own Agent handles the vessel from arrival to departure.
      Competitive quotations are given within
      a few hours of your request.
      Translated, computerized, Seabird accounts are rapidly submitted.
      Accounts balances are remitted within
      24 hours.
      Up-To-Date information, costs and regulations are available on request


      Seabird Marine Services( Seabird )
      Seabird is a an Egyptian Registered Company Main Head Office Is in Port Said Founded in 2002 As
      A Private Owned Firm . Operating as a ship ,Agent at all the Egyptian ports and for Suez canal transit. All contacts and accounts are handled through port said head office. Employs shipping professionals Who provide service to international standards . Has local expertise in Suez canal transit , cargo Operations ,bunkering crewing management , supplier provision and spare parts. Specialized in Tankers, gas bulk carrier , containers, cargo vessels, fishing boats and yachts.

      23 Years “Seabird“ Seabird act as shipping /protecting agent to attend vessels transit Suez Canal and /or call to any Egyptian ports. Since 1 st ,August 1998 are acting as full independent /private Agent According to Egyptian Ministry maritime . Understands the need for fast, Seabird information and communications about the vessels and cargo. Seabird in the spot, with strong local connection and long experience in dealing with vsls. problems.
      So, if you please if you have any question or any comment, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately at any time as we are working 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

      PORT SAID PORT ( Our Main Location )
      Port Description
      General Information
      Port Description :

      The Port Said port lies to the northern entrance of the Suez Canal l. It is considered one of the most important Egyptian ports due to its distinctive location on the entrance of the most significant waterway in the world (The Suez Canal) and in the middle of the biggest merchant shipping line between Europe and the east. It is moreover the biggest transit port in the world.

      latitude : 31 16' N Longitude : 32 19' E
      VHF : 73, 12, 13, 16

      The Approach Area :
      Waterways : 459 feet wide and 12.5 to 13 meters deep.
      Water breaks : The Suez Canal entrance leading to the port is protected by two water breaks. The eastern water break is approximately 3.5 miles long while the Western is approximately 1.5 miles long .

      General Information :

      The prevailing wind is the northern wind ,,,,,,,,The tide range is about 70 centimeters
      The entrance : Vessels enter the port through the Suez Canal whether from its northern or Southern entrances
      water areas and shipping facilities : The water area is under the Suez canal authority which is responsible for all maritime activities, towage and pilotage.

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    operate round the clock to accommodate our principals' requirements . 
    in order to ensure our reliability as an efficient agent , monitor and stand all urgent incoming messages seven days a week . 

    Seabird Shipping Agency ,agent for shipping lines on major trade routes ,Seabird facilities its principals' operations by marketing their liner service and by handling the vessels' port calls and taking charge or inter modal operations . 

    As brokers , Seabird also deals with non-liner and special shipping requirements for various types of cargo different trade . 

    Clearance department represents ship owners , operators ., brokers and oil traders with a view to protecting their interests vis-a-vis third parties and ensuring the fast and flexible turnaround of the vessels. 

    Seabird as consultants , we offer assistance solutions , we offer assistance solutions to our clients for specific problems relating to financial with authorities after our account department analyses. 

    Whatever your needs ,in case your ships call at Egypt next , please feel free to contact us 
    our service are professional and prices are most competitive . kindly pass us your inquiry for our competitive quotation.

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