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Welcome to Seabird Marine Services, Suez ship chandler and Suez Canal transit agent.
Seabird Marine Services was established in the year of 2002 at Port of Suez as Ship chandler, General ship supplier and Suez Canal transit ship agent, serving vessels calling Suez, Egyptian Ports or transiting Suez Canal. From the beginning we were known for, honesty and reliability which built our high reputation and expanded client's network world wide and created high growth situation. Today Seabird Marine Services has branches in every Egyptian port with dedicated professional team and a large warehouse in a tax free area, gathering most of the items requested by vessels calling Egypt. This enables us to fulfill the
balance of the equation" high quality @ reasonable prices @ the right time"

Continuous growth and advanced management
allowed SeaBird Marine Services to become one of
the market leaders In Suez Canal area and
all Egyptian Ports in both fields of Ship chandler &
Suez Canal Transit agency

"Seabird Marine Services" today is
One stop services station

Where you can have peace of mind and obtain all these services in one contact:
General Ship Supply
Life rafts & Safety Equipment supply and services with   class certification
All repair works with qualified certified technicians
All Spare Parts supplies
Underwater works (Inspection, Repair & Cleaning)
Spare Parts parcels custom clearance &
  Delivery on board
Shipping Agency & Suez Canal Transit Services

Suez Canal
SeaBird-Marine is on the spot in the Suez Canal as the reliable intermediary for transit co-ordination, funds transfer and efficient communication. With local offices in Port Said and Suez Port, SeaBird-Marine is positioned to ensure a smooth and prompt transit.
SeaBird offers swift and secure transit services for your vessel through the Suez Canal, and a professional handling of your port calls and bunkering operations in Egypt
For SeaBird Transit quality means satisfying the customer’s requirements and expectations. The ISO 9001:2000 Certification of our quality system, contributes to reaching these objectives. Furthermore SeaBird Transit Ltd have a Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) coverage through ITIC.Our comprehensive web site can provide you with all the information you need when either transiting the Suez Canal or calling at any Egyptian port.
The web site includes the following:
On line rebate application system
Reference list of the latest rebates offered on the Suez Canal tolls
Suez canal tolls calculator
Suez canal Rules of navigation including all Circulars and beam/draft calculator
A complete searchable list of vessels transiting the Suez canal
The latest bunkers price indication
Client web/Customer log-in;
Your current statement of account with us
Details for each transit
Proforma calculation compared to actual costs

New announcement…
We would like to inform you about our
New services as following :
1- Charge and discharge of all dry bulk (corn, wheat, soya bean, sugar, fertilizers, etc......)
2- Bagging of all kinds of dry bulk using our mobile bagging machines.
3- Charging and discharging clinker and cement
using our equipment.
4- Transportation using our trucks.
5- we have 100,000 sq meters in Dekhela port,
suitable for warehousing general cargo and
containers (We will be ready for RoRo containers
in about 3 month time as we do not have any
container fork lift or reach stacker yet).

Providing our Customers with
Suez Canal Transit List

Egypt Ship Supplier Ship Chandlers Port Said Suez Ship Chandler Supplier Vessel Catering Suez Canal Agent freight forwarder in Egypt

Issa Ship Supply


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Suez Canal Transit Charges Calculator

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Download Our Suez Canal Transit Guide
Advice to Shipmasters
Southbound Transits 
Northbound Transits
Download  Rules Of Navigation in Suez Canal (PDF)


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Ship Suppliers / Ship Chandler /
Vessel Catering Services & Repairer
Petroleum Services / Offshore Supplying / Technical Assistance /Freight Forwarder Agents (From/To, Egypt)

Reliable Ship Supplier Allover Egyptians And freight forwarder allover the world ,ALL CREDIT FACILITIES AVAILABLE,Height quality, Low prices, Best discount, Fast services

New Tricks Against The Somali Pirates .........  protect your vessels form Somali Pirates ööAttacks........Protection against the Somali pirates
One of the Leading Site Map
Marine Service Providers &
Shipping Agency And Freight Forwarder.
Established in 2002 at Port Said,
   Providing the following services at All
    Egyptians Ports:-
  • Shipping Agency / Owner Representatives /
    Suez Canal Transit Shipping Agency

  • Ship Suppliers / Ship Chandler / Vessel Catering Services & Repairer

  • Petroleum Services / Offshore Supplying /
    Technical Assistance  

  • Freight Forwarder Agents (From / To, Egypt)

Suez Canal Transit Dues as of 1/3/2012 new Suez Canal Tariff
SeaBird Marine Services was established in the year of 2002at Port of Suez as Suez canal Ship chandler, General ship supplier and Suez Canal transit ship agent, serving vessels calling Suez, Egyptian Ports or Transiting Suez Canal.

From The Beginning We Were Known For, Honesty And Reliability Which Built Our High Reputation And Expanded
Client's Network World Wide And Created High Growth Situation.

Today Seabird Marine Services Has Branches In Every Egyptian Port With Dedicated Professional Team And A Large Warehouse In A Tax Free Area, Gathering Most Of The Items Requested By Vessels Calling Egypt. This Enables Us To Fulfill The
Balance Of The Equation" High Quality @ Reasonable Prices @ The Right Time".

Continuous Growth And Advanced Management Allowed Seabird Marine Services To Become One Of The Market Leaders In Suez Canal Area And All Egyptian Ports In Both Fields Of
Ship Chandler & Suez Canal Transit Agency

Seabird Marine Services,
Suez Ship Chandler
( Ship chandlers ) and  Suez Canal Transit Agent.
"Seabird Marine Services" today is one stop services station Where you can have peace of mind and obtain all these services in one contact:
General Ship Supply \ Catering Services \ Ship chandler
Life rafts & Safety Equipment supply and
   Services with class certification
All repair works with qualified certified technicians
All Spare Parts supplies
Underwater works (Inspection, Repair & Cleaning)
Spare Parts parcels custom clearance & delivery on board
Oil & Petroleum services.
Vessel / Ship Catering Services & Repairer
Customs clearing agent.
Marine suppliers.
Yacht, Vessel, Tug and Towing Vessel agency
Suez canal transit arrangements
Immigration formalities
Harbor master clearance
Dockage & marina berths
Travel arrangement
Pilot if required
Visas upon arrival if required
Fresh provision & supplies
Duty Free Fuel
24 hours listening watch on channel 12 in Port Said and channel    14 & 19 in Suez (Private Channel)
Sign on & off crew including air port pickups
Guests pickups from and to air port by air conditioned cars
Hotel booking
Booking Flight tickets for guests and crew
Arranging tours for visiting monumental places in Cairo
Arranging for berthing in the Red Sea
Arranging for private Airplane to land in all Egyptian Airports
Arranging for diving trips in Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh & Marsa   Alam & Free friendly advice at any time by our expert team
Petroleum Services
Shipping Agency & Suez Canal Transit Services
Shipping Agency Services
“SeaBird” is one of the most professional companies in Egypt for all disciplines within the marine & petroleum services. Seabird is providing services to Oil & Exploration companies and acting as an agent for ship’s calling on Egyptian ports for cargo operations & Suez Canal passage.  When using our services the economical and operational factors will definitely be secured and the "SeBird touch of our care" ensures a trouble free operation. The philosophy of SeaBird. is to provide safe & reliable services carried out by our team of dedicated and experienced professionals employing    a proven management system, flexibility and cooperation with our clients is the reason we are truly SeBird. Thus we can offer our clients a comprehensive matrix of experience in all matters related to marine & petroleum services.


We cover all Egyptian ports through our main three branches; each branch is responsible for some ports to cover all Egyptian ports in total
• Ports served by Port Said branch
Damietta, El Arish & Port Said
• Ports served by Suez branch
Adabiya, Ain Sukhna, Safaga, Abu Zenima, Adabia, Aqba, Geisum Terminal, Hamrawein, Hurgada, Kosseir, Nuweiba, Ras Budran, Ras Gharib, Ras Shukheir, Ras Sudr, Sharm El Shaikh, Suez,
Wadi Feiran, Zeit Bay
• Ports served by Alexandria branch
Abu Kir, Alexandria, El Dekheila, Mersa El Hamra,
Mersa Matruh, Sidi Kerir.
Full Service Ship Supplier


Shipping Company

List of our major clients (references) available at your request.

SeaBird Shipping Agency

Is  Acting  as one of the biggest private agencies in  Egypt  for  various owners ,  providing agency  services  for vessels  the  range  of services cover all aspects of vessels. 

.suez canal , port said , suez

Every ship is destined to use the Suez Canal waterway more often than any other port in the world and the expenses for ship's passage are sizeable. For these two basic reasons, Owners and Charterers are keen to establish a permanent relationship with a competent and reliable ship agent. Seabird Marine Services offers Full Ship Agency Services at every port in Egypt and also for ships transiting the Suez Canal. In Port Said Seabird Marine Services undertakes fully the role of 'coordinating the service'. Seabird Marine Services Egypt in Port Said, Suez and Alexandria, with advanced communication facilities and experienced staff, is the licensed ship agent providing the actual Ship Agency Service to the ship.
Download Our Suez Canal Transit Guide


We are pleased to introduce SeaBird organization in Port Said.SeaBird proved its efficiency during the construction of the Suez Canal, thus starting a long history of first class shipping services in Egypt. SeaBird is today a leader in the field of the Suez Canal Transit.

SeaBird Marine Services offers a range of key support services. The company is involved in chartering, port agency, cargo agency, liner agency, Suez Canal transit agency and freight forwarding. SeaBird Marine Services provides reliable and professional services to many reputable ship-owners, charterers, managers and traders.

SeaBird Marine Services handles vessels for more than 190 reputable satisfied Clients from all over the world.

SeaBird Marine Services aims to provide the customer with first class service, We think of ourselves as the eyes and ears of the customer in and around the ports of Suez Canal and All Egyptian Ports, monitoring any changes to Suez Canal transit rules or port authorities info, to benefit our clients.

SeaBird Marine Services expertly manages the flow of information, controlling and reducing your costs, protecting your interest in a professional way.

SeaBird Marine Services handles and supervises all aspects of cargo operations providing daily reports of ship and cargo positions.
As a member of BIMCO, SeaBird Marine Services has direct access to the entire BIMCO information network.
This means we are able to use a professional voyage estimate system and extensive port information database with the necessary technology to provide our clients with reliable and Seabird information.

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suez ship chandler

Suez Canal Map






Agency for Suez Canal Transits and Cargo Operation in Egypt

Ship during Suez Canal transit

SeaBird agencies & shipping aps has arranged Suez Canal transits for more than 25 years through our principal SeaBird Marine Services in Port Said. We have so far assisted more than 7500 vessels during their transit of the Canal as well as loading and discharging in various Egyptian ports. SeaBird Marine Services in Port Said / Suez has the full agency for vessels passing the Canal or loading / discharging in Egyptian ports. SeaBird Marine Services will protect owners’ interests while the vessel is in Egypt and assist in all matters such as crew change and spare part deliveries etc. After vessel’s transit and/or cargo handling SeaBird Marine Services will collect all vouchers and issue a disbursement account which will be mailed to the client no later than 45 days after the vessel’s transit or after any cargo handling. Any amount in excess that may be due to the owner after having issued the final disbursement account will be returned to the owner. Port Said is situated on the northern entrance of the Suez Canal and is considered one of the most important Egyptian ports due to its distinctive location. The port is artificial formed by breakwaters. A bypass channel has been built east of Port Said in order to avoid large vessels and vessels with dangerous cargo to enter the main Port Said port. It is constructed Between the Mediterranean sea and connects with the canal 17 kilometers south of  Port Said.
The primary objective of the company is to provide ship owners and operators with cost effective ship management with unparalleled standards of quality and safety. Over almost three decades, not only have we acquired the expertise in the field of ship management , but have also developed a pool of highly qualified and competent staff, both on board as well as ashore.
It is through this dedicated and loyal work force of technical superintendents and seafarers, that we are able to achieve economy in operating costs by reducing, or in many cases, eliminating expensive repairs that would normally have to be carried out by shore facilities. SEABIRD (Egypt) is one of the leading Egyptian private shipping groups representing a good number of well-known European, American, far eastern and Arab ship owners, operators and charterers. SEABIRD serves monthly around 60 vessels passing the Suez Canal and/or undergoing cargo operations at Alexandria, Damietta, Port Said, Suez, El Arish , Hamrawein and Safaga.


Full agency service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

At the heart of our business lies Port Agency. All SeaBird port offices render the full range of agency and support services to many of the world’s leading shipowners, operators and charterers.
Our clients include cruise lines and container lines, bulker and tanker operators, owners and charterers, the world’s navies, heavy-lift and project cargo contractors, and other specialist and niche operators.

Suez Canal Transits and Offshore Support
Key features
Fully operational offices at all key locations
Comprehensive local knowledge of regulations, booking systems, slots, convoys, rebates, line-ups, etc.
Quick and accurate reporting to all parties to ensure smooth and efficient transit Excellent relationships with local authorities to ease any difficulties
Accurate costings for transit and prompt dispatch of D/A
Key benefits
Costs kept to a minimum and any “add-ons” challenged
Guaranteed level of service ensures no delays

Port Services Crew Management Services
Key features
Efficient entry and departure formalities plus transportation/accommodation to/from ship
Medical attendance/hospitalisation/repatriation as required
One point of contact for remittance of CTM with standardised procedures for delivery
Standardised D/A format for crew and CTM
Key benefits
Smooth transition of crew members to/from ship ensuring minimum additional expenses
All problems/queries handled promptly to avoid delays
Close liaison with principal’s crewing department so changeovers are handled expediently
No hidden charges made while personnel in transit
Medica l/ hospitalisation requirements arranged quickly and with reliable resources saving time and money
Clear and transparent D/A with competitive rates
Secure/transparent and reliable CTM delivery
Reduced administration/costs plus peace of mind dealing with a global company

Commercial Team
The Commercial Team is the first point of contact with the customer, liaising to ensure that their requirements are met, across the SeaBird Network.
The Commercial Team maintains a close and regular dialogue with the customer to ensure his needs are met; to discuss any fresh requirements and convey these back to our Operations Team; to find satisfactory solutions and processes; and to come to the table with new ideas to improve our overall service offering. The Team also acts as the eyes and ears of the Group gathering and dSeaBirdeminating information. Communications, spanning press relations, the company’s house journal SeaBird REPORTER, the website, the corporate brand and promotional activity, are also incorporated under the Commercial Team.

Machinery Services
SeaBird Machinery Services Limited is a full service, global supply operation specialising in marine and industrial spare parts and machinery. Operating in two divisions, Parts Supply Centre and Plant Machinery Department, SeaBird is a large supplier of genuine Japanese and Korean machinery and spare parts. SeaBird Machinery provides Main Engine, Auxiliary Engine, Navigation, Control, Communication, Deck and Bridge Equipment and spare parts. With headquarters in Osaka, Japan, the Parts Supply Centre provides the entire range of marine spare parts and replacement equipment for vessels built in the Far East. Using our longstanding relationships with all the major manufacturers we are able to provide the right parts, at the right price, at the right time. With headquarters in Tokyo, Japan the Plant Machinery Department provides Japanese-made industrial spare parts and machinery to clients worldwide. As an agent for more than 100 industrial and high tech manufacturers and with sales to more than 45 countries, the Plant Machinery Deparment is a key resource for plant owners and operators.

Cargo Services
Operating from major ports and airports worldwide, the SeaBird Ocean and Airfreight service offers value for money, maximum flexibility and consistency of service.
Services provided include:
International Freight Forwarding
Air & Sea Cargo
Warehousing & Distribution
Packing & Removals
We at SeaBird are constantly striving to improve on how we do business and how we communicate with our customers in order to provide our local and international customers with services that far surpass those of our competitors.

Offshore Support Agency
Different sectors of the Offshore Marine contracting industry operate specialised vessels working on specialised projects and have specialised Port agency and logistics requirements. Inchcape Shipping Services has recognised the need to provide tailor made logistics solutions to meet the extremely demanding principals we work with in this sector.
Whether working for offshore construction contractors, dredging companies, survey companies, pipe laying or cable-laying contractors, SeaBird has the experience and the expertise to deliver a high quality of logistics service across the world.
In the Oil & Gas sector we are working both directly with the Oil majors and with the contractors and subcontractors working for the Oil majors. From documentation and logistics support for a FPSO, logistics support on rig movements, or agency and logistics support for AHTs and PSVs, SeaBird can deliver a quality logistics service.
SeaBird recognizes the fundamental importance of local ‘nuts and bolts’ service delivery, yet at the same time supply chain software applications and a global focus on HSSE and Quality allows SeaBird to warranty the same high level service in all its locations worldwide.
Whether it is temporary importation documentation, vessel agency and husbandry requirements, crew and spares movement, life support activities for project personnel, or provision of launches and landside logistics requirements, SeaBird has the experience and professional services to be the partner of choice.
For more information on SeaBird Offshore Agency Support, locations and past experience please fill in the following form and we will get in touch with you or alternatively email




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